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Bathala Series "Designer Maceration" process coffees

Inspired by ancient Filipino folklore where deities bestow gifts of knowledge and bountiful harvests to our ancestors, comes the "Bathala Series" 

"Bathala Series" is the result of the revolutionary project of Henry and Sons under its social advocacy arm Foundation of Sustainable Coffee Excellence in partnership with the coffee community in Sitio Hartwell, Itogon, Benguet. 

2020 started with an amazing coffee harvest in Itogon, Benguet. With beautiful coffee cherries freshly harvested from the backyard of the coffee farmers, Henry and Sons partnered with World Barista Champion and Coffee Innovator Sasa Sestic to extract the best taste out of these coffee cherries through specially designed processing methods. To bring out the full potential and rich flavor profile of the coffees,  innovative methods we call "Designer Maceration" were used during the post-harvest process. 

To make it easy for consumers we have grouped the Bathala coffees by the flavors it exhibits. 

Kayumanggi: Coffees with Chocolate, Cereals, Brown Spice and Nuts. These coffees are processed to exhibit the more traditional favors of coffee.

Ikapati: Coffee with Intense Flavors, Powerful fruit qualities, and Unique flavors. This includes coffees where fermentation has been pushed to the edge, expect bold and strong flavors. 

Rosas: This range of coffees includes intensely sweet purple and dark-colored fruits. The processed used on these coffees highlight dried fruit flavors.

Naranghita: Coffees with red, orange, and yellow fruits. This coffee uses processing methodologies that would provide maximum flavor and clarity with a medium level of intensity 

Tala: This range includes coffees that have a delicate flavor profile and sweetness, with flavors of orange and yellow fruits. The process used on this coffee aims to maximize delicacy and transparency of flavor rather than intensity. 

Sampaguita: This category is the most elegant and delicate of the series, these coffees are floral and clean, with refined and gentle flavor profiles. 

Perlas: 90+ Special reserve coffees