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SLAYER ESPRESSO SINGLE GROUP - for indent order only


The Slayer 1-group is the ultimate dream machine. Great for everyone from the serious consumer to the professional barista.  It’s small enough to sit on a kitchen counter, light enough to carry to a pop-up cafe, and powerful enough to handle the highest demand.

This unit has the same commercial group, portafilter, steam valves, actuators and many additional components as the 2 group and 3 group machines. Slayer’s advanced temperature management, patented precision needle valve, and simple serviceability are all there.

Product Details:


  • Glass touchscreen UI

  • Peruvian walnut actuators & handles

  • Flavor profiling w/ various brew sequences

  • Variable flow rate w/ precision needle valve

  • Personalized steam pressure w/ PID & assorted tips

  • Temp adjustable in 0.1º increments (C or F)

  • Brew pressure gauge on front panel

  • Smooth-flow hot water tap

  • Slayer shot mirror

  • Non-slip feet

  • Shot timers


  • Commercial v3 group

  • PID temperature & pressure control

  • Dual boilers w/ power management

  • Pre-heat coil for brew temp stability

  • 1.1L brew tank*

  • 3.3L steam tank**

  • 60mL pre-heat coil

  • Pressure transducer for rapid steam recovery

  • Saturated brew group w/ auto-bleed

  • Internal gear pump

  • Direct plumb only

Technical specs:

  • 220V / 10A

  • 600W brew tank heating element

  • 1,300W steam tank element for 110V

  • Width

    • Body: 18.1 in / 46.0 cm

    • Foot to foot: 17.7 in / 45.0 cm

  • Depth

    • Foot to foot: 17.5 in / 44.4 cm

    • Back to front of drip tray: 22.7 in / 57.7 cm

    • Rear panel (top) to disengaged steam actuator (top): 11.2 in / 28.5 cm

  • Height

    • Top of rear panel: 12.75 in / 32.4 cm

    • Top of brew actuator: 13.4 in / 34.0 cm

    • Top of engaged steam actuator: 13.75 in / 34.9 cm

    • Group height, drip tray to portafilter: 4.7 in / 11.9 cm

  • Weight

    • Dry: 100 lb / 45.5 kg

    • Wet: ~110 lb / ~49.9 kg

    • Shipping: ~160 lb / ~72.6 kg


12-month limited manufacturer's warranty on all electrical and mechanical parts. Wearable parts (including but not limited to rubber seals, gaskets, and o-rings) are not covered under warranty, nor are labor or shipping charges. Damage to or failure of your Slayer machine due to inadequately treated water is not covered under warranty. All Slayer espresso machines need to be connected to a carbon water filter to remove chlorine, sediments, odor, and undesirable tastes from the water.

This requirement is in addition to any other necessary water filtration systems.