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In my pursuit of high grade and best tasting specialty coffee for the 2019 Philippine National Barista Championship, I went to Ethiopia in 2018 to visit a 471-hectare of land named Gesha Village -- a beautiful coffee farm located in the Bench Maji Zone. Beyond its astonishing landscape, the farm produces diverse range of coffee flavours divided into eight blocks, originating from three different varieties. The fresh cherries harvested and processes in different methods to bring out its rich taste and aroma.

Amongst the selection is the Gesha 1931 varietal from the Oma Block. From this block, the naturally processes coffee cherries in the Lot 79 stood out as the best choice. Produced from the unique combination of micro climate and terroir, its coffee has a fulfilling taste of sweet and orange flavours with a smooth earl grey finish.

More than producing specialty coffee, the Gesha Village commits itself to the sustainability of the coffee industry, to the preservation of the environment, and to the future of its thriving community. I share the same commitment for the Philippine coffee industry. With this in mind, I strive to provide specialty coffee offerings that suit the Filipino palate and empower our local coffee farmers to make a sustainable living. 

-- Michael Harris Lim, 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion