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Baristas Quest Gesha Village Lot 42 - 200g per bag


In 2011 Adam and Rachel Overton dreamt of producing the best coffee in the world. So they went on an expedition in the Gori Gesha forest and made a seed selection in the same site where the famous Panamanian Gesha was selected in the 1930s. They planted their spacial selection of coffees in a 471-hectare estate and Named it Gesha village. 

This lot is one of the best natural lots we cupped during our visit to Gesha Village this year. Expect floral aromas, deliciously juicy Berries, Ripe Mangoes and Candied Oranges. 

  • Producer: Adam Overton
  • CONTINENT: Africa
  • ALTITUDE: 1911 - 2001 MASL
  • Varietal: Gori Gesha
  • Process: Natural 
  • Crop Year: 2018

CUPPING NOTES: Berries, Ripe Mangoes, Candied Oranges