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Reflections: Colombia Sugar Cane process Decaf, 100g

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Precious coffee moments: Sugar cane processing is also commonly referred to as natural decaffeinated. 

In Colombia, where sugar cane is readily available, it makes excellent economic sense to use this plentiful resource as a decaffeination agent. This method avoids excessive heat or pressure, which can radically disrupt a green bean's cellular structure.

In a fast-paced and busy world, it's always nice to take a few moments and enjoy the beautiful things life has to offer.

We roasted this special coffee to mirror how coffee is a slow and meticulous process; it takes five years for a newly planted tree to bear fruit, six months for pollinated flowers to grow into a ripe cherry, harvest and processing is three to four months, drying takes four to six weeks, and the parchment is rested for 90-120 days before hulling and roasting. Coffee is a slow, meticulous process, so once in a while, let's pause and reflect on the hard work of the people who made this coffee and its long journey to your cup.

We recommend enjoying this coffee as a pour-over to be savored in hot, warm, and cool moments.


Aroma: Molasses, Butter Scotch Hard Candy

Precious Coffee Moments

Hot 55°C: Thick Syrupy Mouth feel, Sweet Lemon, White Sugar Syrup

Warm 40°-45°C: Juicy, Hibiscus Florals, OX coffee Candy, Lemon Zest

Cool 35°C: Sweetened Coffee


ROAST Espresso or Filter 
PROCESS Sugar Cane Washed Decaffeination Process
VARIETAL various 
ORIGIN/REGIONS Cauca, Tolima, Antioquia Colombia
ALTITUDE 1,400 to 2000 MASL