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Crafted by our master artisans to bring out the best flavours of three single origin coffees, Henry and Sons’ new creation, Sustainable.PH Blend, is a harmonious marriage of complex, light, and clean notes with a soothing and warm lingering finish that is perfect for the Filipino palate. Rich milk chocolate, buttery brown sugar, and a hint of woody hazelnut come together to form a nostalgic fragrance for this medium bodied coffee.With a single sip, a symphony of profiles dance across the palate with clear flavors of chocolate, toffee, and honey. Bright wild cherries lend a pleasantly tartness that is further complemented by a refreshing essence of juicy pear. This exquisite new blend helps support the well-being of our very own Filipino coffee farmers with every cup, as it triples the amount of local coffee used—this in turn, helps the Philippine coffee industry grow and be more sustainable.

The Sustainable.PH Blend is a testament to Henry and Sons’ exciting journey to return the Philippines on the global coffee map. A serving of this blend brings back the bygone days when the country was the fourth top producer of coffee in the world. At Henry and Sons’, our dedication and passion towards coffee sustainability and excellence goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to regaining our lost heritage as a leader in the coffee market by first embracing our local produce and marrying it with renowned foreign influences, to end up with a unique blend that moves the senses and inspires the soul.

Join us as we take nationalistic pride in the hard work of our local coffee producers!