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Lighttells Coffee Roaster Analyzer CM-100

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A Coffee Roast Color Analyzer helps you classify the roasting degree or the delta between whole bean and ground to get better understanding of the roasting curve & roasting result as well as the consistency. Ultimately you'll have better quality control whether you are a roasting vendor, coffee shop owner, or home roaster. The Lighttells Model supports fast key, has high accuracy measurements, works on long hours (up to 6 hours of continuous use), is easy to carry as well as easy to store! This is frankly the most bang for the buck on the market . . . knowledge and accuracy is power and if you need more volume and more speed - then spend 6 times more and buy the Agtron.

This color analyzer is a SCAA-Compliance Standard Instrument for Roast Level - one of the roast level analyzer approved by SCAA in the world which stands for a reliable, accurate instrument for measuring roasted coffee beans or ground bean.

Why do you need a Coffee Roast Degree Analyzer?
It is recommended to have a Coffee Roast degree Analyzer to help you classify roasting degree or the delta between whole bean and ground to get better understanding of the roasting curve and roasting result for better quality control to coffee roasting vendors, coffee shop owners or home roasters.

  • NIR photometer tells the caramelization from the coffee beans or ground.
  • Same as Agtron measurements using "Gourmet" scale
  • Short warm-up time ( 1 min)
  • One touch quick measuring key
  • Long battery working hour (up to 6 hours of continuous use)
  • Support using while battery charging
  • Support Auto-power off setting
  • Stores up to 100 measurement results
  • Support both SCAA and Common name
  • Self-calibration
    • Working Hour: 6 hours Continuous
    • Warm-up Time: 60 seconds
    • Accuracy: Great . . . reads in both SCAA and Agtron scale
    • Housing Material: ABS and Aluminum
    • Product Size (including bean dish): 123.4mm L x 123.4mm W x 132mm H
    • Measure Area: 49 cm squared
    • Panel Size: 1.6" 128x64 mono OLED
    • Light: Infrared LED
    • Sensor: Infrared sensor
    • Log: 100
    • Operating temperature: 0-50 degree C
    • Storage temperature: -10 thru 60 degree C
    • Power Consumption: 1.7W
    • Charging Power: 5V, 2A
    • Charging Method: microUSB Port
    • Battery Capacity: Li-ion 1150 mAH Battery