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Bathala: Meet the Farmer Box Set 1 DM Naturals

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Meet the farmers behind some of the best-tasting coffees in the Philippines. 

This set features 3 Itogon farmers all from the same sitio, each with a farm with different microclimates and soil composition. Learn how slight differences in terroir can create vastly different flavor profiles in coffee.  

Farmer Lot  Varietal  Process Flavor Notes
Elma Serna Rosa IB58 Orange Bourbon CM Natural Lily, Jolly Rancher Candies, Liquorice, Dark Honey
Lilia Payno Tala IB 68N Typica Nitro Natural White Grapes, Cantalope, Guava Juice
Benito Mauricio Ikapati IB30  Orange Bourbon CM Natural Pipe Papaya, Kurant, Dried Fruits 

This Set Includes: 

3 x 200 g packs of coffee

Farmer Profiles 

Brew Guide (scan QR code in the label to view)

Only offered online, and available only until the limited supply of this micro-batch runs out.