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Bathala:Kayumanggi 🇵🇭 Liberica var. Dewevrei - Lot Lib04

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Project Bathala 2022  

Inspired by ancient Filipino folklore where deities bestow gifts of knowledge and bountiful harvests to our ancestors comes "Bathala". 


Species  Liberica
Varietal Dewevrei
Origin Santa Maria Laguna, Philippines  
Process CM Pulped
Flavor Notes

Pistachio, hawthorne, prunes, pink guava, lingering malt finish

Taste Bal

High Sweetness, Sparkling acidity, Low bitterness

Dewevrei is a varietal of Liberica also know as excelsa, this varietal is known for its low caffeine content, low bitterness and high sweetness. Henry and Sons has discovered that by applying special post harvest methodologies and using specifically cultured and blended non-saccharomyces yeast, we can bring out the full potential of Liberica coffees.  

Kayumanggi: Coffees with Chocolate, Cereals, Brown Spice and Nuts. These coffees are processed to exhibit the more traditional favors of coffee.

"Bathala" is the result of the revolutionary project of Henry and Sons under its social advocacy arm Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence in partnership with the coffee comunities around the Philippines.

The Origin: Santa Maria Laguna

According to historical data, Tabuco (which was the old name of Cabuyao) Laguna, is one of the original locations where Augustinian friars planted coffee in the In 1881. During that period, records show that our national hero Jose Rizal enjoyed sipping his Laguna coffee while writing his novels Noli Me Tángere and El Filibusterismo while he was in the Philippines during 1887-1889.