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Bathala Series: Tala IB56 (Roasted Coffee Beans, 200g)


Inspired by ancient Filipino folklore where deities bestow gifts of knowledge and bountiful harvests to our ancestors comes the "Bathala Series." 

Tala IB56

 Varietal Orange Bourbon
Farmer  Norlito Pay-oen & James Palconga
Process CM Washed
Flavor Notes Pears, Boiled Stone Fruits, Acacia, Sweet Nectar
Cup Score  89.45


Tala: This range includes coffees that have a delicate flavor profile and sweetness, with flavors of orange and yellow fruits. The process used on this coffee aims to maximize delicacy and transparency of flavor rather than intensity.

"Bathala Series" is the result of the revolutionary project of Henry and Sons under its social advocacy arm Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence in partnership with the coffee community of Sitio Hartwell, Itogon, Benguet. 

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