Brazil Moreninha Farmosa 500g per Bag

Coffee Cellar


Moreninha Formosa captures the taste buds with its dark chocolate and creamy mouthfeel. When brewed, it produces a sweet cup with a hint of nuttiness.  

 Region : 

Alto Parainaba 

Farm : Fazenda Aurea Fazenda Aurea

Altitude :

1200 to 1250MASL

Varietal : 

Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai

Process : 

Natural Process

 The Farm has more than 50,000 sq meters of patios for natural drying process. It also has suspended patios where coffees can dry slower, as well as gas powered dying machines that allow for a faster drying process.

Cup Profile 

Clean fresh cup, low acidity deep chocolate and creamy mouthfeel, nutty complex and rich with chocolate and sweet finish. 

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