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Coffee rockstars: Sensory taste along box Set 1: Processing Matters

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Theme: Processing Matters

Different processing methods produce different taste profiles, in this box set you will learn the difference between three kinds of processing methods using the same coffee. 

The best way to refine your sensory skills is to practice with a group and repetition. With the current state of the world preventing us from attending public cuppings and visiting our favorite cafes, the Coffee Rockstars have decided to create a monthly show where we taste coffee together online and score the coffees together via the cup-wise interactive cupping platform.

The Sensory taste along kit is a great way for you to taste the coffees that the Coffee Rockstars are tasting and join in on the discussion.

Included in this taste-along-set will be three Philippine coffees that will be revealed during the cupping.

1 x 100g Washed Process

1 x 100g Natural Process 

1 x 100g Kombucha inoculated process

Available while quantities last. 

Hurry and pick up a set now and join the Live cupping this coming March 8, 2022. For those who can't join the live cupping, you can still taste along via the cup-wise link.  

Cup with us live or at your convenience by following this link: