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GCS x National University Laguna: Techno Barista L1

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The Global Coffee School (GCS) Techno Baristas program is one of the most progressive skills development certifications. Internationally recognized and conducted in over 45 countries, such as Korea, Vietnam, Honduras, the USA, Thailand, and Russia, the programs are rooted in the integration of sensory analysis via visualization, introspection, experiential activities, and active communication techniques.

Techno Barista Level 1                                                                                                                
An Introductory course that trains baristas based on science and proper coffee extraction techniques in accordance with GCS standards which focuses on flavor + aroma evaluation. GCS ensures that baristas gain the necessary skills to communicate coffee's beautiful nuances to customers. 

Coffee has over 5000+ volatile aromas, and it is invaluable to a professional's journey to get familiarized with how to identify and communicate what we taste in coffee. 

This 3 x 3hr certificate course includes a written and practical exam. 

Module 1
  • Introduction to Coffee      
  • Coffee botany
  • Coffee Varieties
  • Espresso cupping & sensory training LV1
  • Storage and Maintenace of Coffee Beans
  • Written Exam
Module 2    
  • Espresso Machine Orientation 
  • Grinder Orientation 
  • Espresso Extraction techniques
  • Barista Workflow ( Espresso)
  • Practical Exam: Espresso/ Americano 
Module 3    
  • Milk Science L1  
  • Steaming  
  • Barista Workflow ( Cappucino)
  • Practical Exam: Cappucino
  • Certification Final Exam  

The course will be taught by:

Gian Valencia, GCS Instructor 

2020 National Barista Championship, 2nd runner up

2019, Ultimate Barista Champion

2018 Art of Coffee Competition, Runner up