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Baristas Quest Gesha Village Lot 74, Roasted Beans, 200 grams

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Capture the outstanding taste of Gesha Village Lot 74 as it brings you an invigorating strawberry aroma. Indulge in how delicate the medium body combines with a shimmer of floral, honey sweetness, and cacao – a kind of coffee that overwhelms your senses.

Lot 74 Natural processed Gesha 1931 varietal from Gesha village's Narsha block 1963-1977 MASL 

In 2011 Adam and Rachel Overton dreamt of producing the best coffee in the world. So they went on an expedition in the Gori Gesha forest and made a seed selection in the same site where the famous Panamanian Gesha was selected in the 1930s. They planted their special selection of coffees in a 471-hectare estate and Named it Gesha village.

Expect Strawberry, Florals, Honey, and Cacao