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Institute for Coffee Excellence: Unlocking the Secrets of Multisensory Flavor Perception

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Join us for an exciting Multi-Sensory Flavor Perception workshop that will take your coffee experiences to the next level! This hands-on workshop is designed to explore the different aspects of taste perception and provide you with a deeper understanding of how the five senses shape our taste experience.

Through engaging exercises, you will discover how different sensory inputs can influence flavor perception. You will have the opportunity to taste a variety of foods and beverages while exploring the impact of sight, sound, smell, and touch on flavor perception. For example, you might be blindfolded to isolate the role of taste and smell or listen to different sounds while tasting to explore the impact of sound on flavor.

Throughout the workshop, you will participate in group discussions to share your experiences and insights with others. Our goal is to provide you with practical insights that can be applied to your business or home coffee journey. By the end of the workshop, you will have a new appreciation for the complex interplay between the senses in shaping our experience of taste. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to expand your knowledge!

The class will start at 1030am and ends at 3:30 pm. 

Need more information, click here to contact us via email at or SMS/ Viber at +639778496696

This is a 4hr seminar and workshop to be facilitated by: 

Michael Harris Conlin, GCS Country Manager

2019 Philippine National Barista Champion

2019 WBC semi-finalist

Licensed Q- Arabica Grader

Founder and CEO Conlins Group of Companies

President and CEO Henry and Sons Group of Companies