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🇵🇭 Grande Liberica by Jerico Cochon

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This lot comes from producer Jerico Cochon, who meticulously picked only the largest Liberica cherries. Jerico processed these coffees using post-harvest methodologies developed by Henry & Sons. This coffee is ultra-delicate with high clarity and sweetness, medium acidity, and low caffeine bitterness.

Due to the sensitivity of Liberica's volatile aromas we suggest brewing this coffee as a cold brew so you can fully enjoy the beautiful flavors it has to offer. 

Pour over cold brew recipe 

Dose: 18 g medium fine ( 18 Comandante Clicks) 

Water 135g 97 degree celcius  

Brew over 135g Ice

Optional: Squeeze 1/4 Lemon or 1/8 orange wedge into the brew  




Jerico Cochon


Santa Maria Laguna, Philippines


In-Cherry Washed

Flavor Notes

Stevia, Hibiscus, Rose Tea