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Michael Harris' Precious Coffee Moments: Canephora

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In a fast-paced and busy world, it's always nice to take a few moments and enjoy the beautiful things life has to offer.

Cafea Canephora is the scientific name for robusta. The majority of the coffee grown in the Philippines is robusta and our team at Hery & Sons believes that with the proper post-harvest methods Robusta may be the key to ensuring that the Philippines would one day become a world leader in coffee once again. 

Coffee is a slow, meticulous process, so once in a while, let's pause and reflect on the hard work of the people who made this coffee and its long journey to your cup.

We recommend enjoying this coffee as a pour-over to be savored in hot, warm, and cool moments.

Origins San Pablo Laguna
Flavor Moments 
Hot: Green Tea,

Warm: Roasted Rice tea (Genmaicha)

Cool: Apple Juice, Mild Malic Acidity, Low bitterness

Lot  P2-Wsh-|1-2023
Species Canephora ( Robusta)
Process Washed
Harvest Year  2023