Rhino Pitcher Rinser

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Rhino Coffee Gear's new pitcher rinser design brings with it a number of features you have been asking for!

Better Drainage - the drain tray has an improved design to ensure there is no static build-up of residue along with a generous drain outlet.

Bigger Vessels - the large actuator plate makes it useful across a broader range of equipment.

Optional Spinjet Spray Mechanism - the new Spinjet Valve sprays and spins at the same time creating a more robust mechanical cleaning action than normal rinsing valves. It is ideal for plungers, milk pitchers, and cleaning coffee grounds and other residues that tend to hold firm.

Install Parts - included with each rinser you will find some fittings and hoses to make installation easier ( 3/8 push-fit inlet plus elbow option, 1 metre of inlet hose and drain hose with clip).

NSF Certified - All Rhino Coffee Gear Milk Pitcher Rinsers are NSF Certified.

Dimensions - 231mm (W) x 354mm (H) (approx.)

Drain Hose Size - 25mm/1 inch

Please Note: It is recommended that you use a Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) when connecting to a mains water line.

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