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Roasting on an Ikawa pro Digital Class- Digital Product

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Ever wondered how to fully utilize your Ikawa Roaster? Or how to fine-tune your roast profiles on these amazing machines? Now's your chance! Unleash the full potential of your Ikawa by taking this digital class, we will demystify the Ikawa pro and make it easy for you to create some amazing tasting roast profiles. 

In this masterclass you will learn: 

  1. Difference between a Drum roaster and a Fluid bed roaster
  2. How to utilize your Ikawa professional roaster 
  3. Understand how the Ikawa works
  4. Learn the difference between the inlet temp and the exhaust temp
  5. AirSpeed and how it affects the roast
  6. You will be given sample profiles and you can use these profiles as a basis in designing your custom profiles. 

This 22 min digital class is taught by 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion and WBC Semi-finalist Michael Harris.

This class also includes a very special 15% discount code you can use to purchase green coffee beans from

This digital class is delivered via streaming video and maybe rewatched as many times as you want.