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Aroma Quest Sensory Kit

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Aroma Quest Sensory Kit

Dive deep into the world of scents and embark on an olfactory journey like no other with the Aroma Quest Sensory Kit. Crafted for both novices and aroma connoisseurs, this kit is your passport to discovering, recognizing, and appreciating the intricate tapestry of aromas around us.

What's Inside?

  • 16 Distinct Inhalers: From the familiar to the exotic, each inhaler is a sensory adventure waiting to be unveiled.
    1. Lemon
    2. Peach
    3. Melon
    4. Strawberry
    5. Almond
    6. Hazelnut
    7. Vanilla
    8. Caramel
    9. Blueberry
    10. Mango
    11. Cherry
    12. Pink Guava
    13. Apple
    14. Watermelon
    15. Raspberry
    16. Peanut
  • Comprehensive Guide: Learn the stories behind each aroma, their origins, and tips on how to identify them.

Why Choose the Aroma Quest Sensory Kit?

  • Enhance Your Aroma Recognition: Train your nose to pick up even the most subtle notes in any fragrance.
  • Educational & Fun: Perfect for professionals, enthusiasts, kids, or anyone curious about the world of scents.
  • Quality Assured: Every inhaler is crafted to offer a pure and authentic sensory experience.
  • Made from food-grade nature identical aromas and scents.

Unlock the secrets of the scent world. Whether you're prepping for a barista championship, the Q grader exam, nurturing a newfound hobby, or simply looking to elevate your sensory experiences, the Aroma Quest Sensory Kit is your trusted companion.

Deliveries start Nov 28, 2023

It is also available in wholesale quantities with special pricing for minimum orders of 50 sets. 

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