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Form March 3- 6 2024, you can save 5% off on all purchases over 500 PHP.
Form March 3- 6 2024, you can save 5% off on all purchases over 500 PHP.

Scentone Theorem 144 aroma standard

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144 select aromas that comprise Theorem enable you to experience the most representative and clear aroma standard. 

The innovative black bottles guarantee that quality for 3 years by blocking the external factors and ensures the aroma training without bias caused by aroma color. 

This set includes Visual impression cards and discovery blocks best used for sensory training. 


ASTs may now use Scentone aroma kits, in the activities and practical exams of Sensory Skills courses. An equivalency chart developed by the Sensory Skills Content Creator Group has been added to the Additional Material folder in the current Sensory Skills curriculum pack. This chart is meant to be a guide for trainers in selecting the best aromas for the given objective. The 36-vial Le Nez du Café aroma kit is still adequate for all three course levels. The Scentone T100 kit is sufficient for the Foundation and Intermediate courses, but trainers will need the Scentone T144 kit in order to conduct the activities in the Professional course. Regardless of which product is used, it is important for trainers to be consistent between the activities and the practical exam.