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Profitec GmbH was founded in 1985 and has specialized in the marketing of Italian espresso machines, slicers and technical products from the beginning.

Profitec has developed and manufactured hand-made, high-end semi-automatic espresso machines since the 1990's. Now they have decided to use their know-how to build their own espresso machines and market them under the Profitec name.


  • ₱96,000.00

    Profitec Pro 300 (Pre-order)

    PRO 300 DUAL BOILER WITH PID CONTOL The Pro 300 is a dual boiler, semi-automatic espresso machine with a ring brewgroup. Depending on your needs, ...

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  • ₱168,000.00

    Profitec Pro 700 (Pre-order)

    The popular PRO 700 is a semi-automatic, dual-boiler espresso machine with PID-display, which has been equipped with a new design and new functions...

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