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Michael Harris' Precious coffee moments Tropical Fruit Punch 250g

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In the whirlwind of daily life, pausing to savor the small, beautiful moments becomes a cherished ritual.

Coffee, with its slow and deliberate journey from bean to cup, invites us to slow down and appreciate the dedication and journey behind each sip.

Introducing Michael Harris' Precious Coffee Moments: Tropical Fruit Blast, a beautifully processed and roasted coffee that captivates with a symphony of flavors designed to transport you to a lush, tropical paradise with every sip.

We suggest embracing the full potential of these flavors through the pour-over method, allowing you to witness the coffee's character evolve with temperature, revealing the intricate layers of taste and aroma.

So, let's take a moment to honor the craft, the journey, and the people behind this exceptional coffee. Michael Harris' Precious Coffee Moments: Tropical Fruit Blast is more than just a coffee; it's an invitation to savor life's precious moments.

Origins Sitio Hartwel Itogon Benguet
Flavor Notes

Aroma: melon, whiskey, rose water

Hot: melon, roselle tea

Warm+:muscat grapes, pink guava

Warm: orange, pineapple, jackfruit

Cool: rose water, watermelon

Lot  SH79
Varietal  Orange Bourbon
Process CM Natural
Harvest Year  2024

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