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Fruit Orchard coffee Selections

Fruit Orchard Selections: A Symphony of Flavors Rooted in Benguet's Soil

"Fruit Orchard Selections" is a collaborative initiative between Henry & Sons and dedicated Benguet coffee farmers. Guided by a spirit of innovation, our mission is to integrate experimental techniques into traditional coffee processing. We curate unique profiles teeming with exotic, fruity flavors, aiming to connect Benguet coffee producers with global consumers and elevate our distinct coffee with coffee lovers around the world.

Our Farms and Collaborations:

With deep roots in the traditions and expertise of Benguet's highlands, our coffee story starts at the farm and comes to life in Henry & Sons' Innovation Center in Baguio City. This state-of-the-art facility, manned by expert fermentation engineers, becomes the arena for our post-harvest alchemy. We cultivate coveted species like arabica and blend time-honored practices with cutting-edge techniques.

The Process: Co-Fermentation Reimagined

We view co-fermentation as both an innovation and a celebration of taste and aroma. In our specialized Baguio facility, we take age-old methods and elevate them. Using fruits, spices, and other natural additives is not merely a trend for us; it's an art form. The process commences with an initial pre-fermentation of the coffee cherry, followed by de-pulping and a multi-day fermentation technique.

Transparency and Sustainability:

Our commitment to transparency sets us apart. With each sip of "Fruit Orchard Selections," you're not just tasting coffee; you're savoring a meticulously crafted coffee whose methods are transparent, replicable, and sustainable.

Why "Fruit Orchard Selections"?

This name pays tribute to the lush orchards fueling our inspiration for creativity. Much like a walk through an orchard bursting with color and life, each cup serves a medley of flavors that harmonize with the inherent notes of Benguet coffee, promising an unforgettable coffee experience.

Where Taste Meets Tradition:

Our brews have ignited conversations and garnered attention in specialty coffee communities globally. Yet, at the heart of our initiative lies a fervent desire to unveil the multifaceted wonders of coffee, particularly when they're as captivating and delectable as the "Fruit Orchard Selections."


Enjoy a cup and embark on a sensory journey that originates in Benguet and echoes in every sip you savor. 🍎🌳☕


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