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Scentone: Coffee Flavorist Foundation

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The Scentone Flavorist Program is one of the more progressive sensory skills development certifications. Internationally recognized and conducted in over 45 countries such as Korea, Vietnam, Honduras, USA, Thailand, and Russia, the programs are rooted in the integration of sensory analysis via visualization, introspection, experiential activities, and active communication techniques.                                               

The Flavorist Program is an ESSENTIAL tool for all coffee professionals to bring the consumer closer to fully understanding coffee.                                                                      

Coffee has over 5000+ volatile aromas, and it is invaluable to a professional's journey to get familiarized with how to identify and communicate what we taste in coffee.                       

Goals of the course:                                                                                                                       

Students will be able to recognize the importance of coffee aroma and have an understanding of a systematic way of identifying and communicating flavors and aromas. 


Basic Taste training

- calibrate your sense of taste with different levels of sweet and sour

- recognize and identify the 3 basic tastes (sweet, salt, sour) and intensity levels

- understanding the brix difference in the coffee

Basic olfactory training LV 1

- be accustomed to the major 11 aroma categories which are frequently found in coffee 

Coffee science 

Learn the physio-chemical characteristics of the components that create the aromas and taste in coffee. 

This is a 2-day certificate course.                                                                                             

The course will be taught by:

Lyca Que, Lead Instructor GCS Philippines

More than 10 years of experience in the coffee Industry

Licensed Q- Arabica Grader

Licensed Food Technologist