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Raspberry Jam Brew Guide

Hey Coffee Friends! First off, thank you for purchasing our special limited edition 2021, offering the Raspberry Jam. Our goal is to create a blend with very distinct and clear flavors so more people can appreciate the true beauty of coffee. This blend features a very special Philippine Excelsa Dewevrei varietal that is almost exclusively grown in the Philippines. 

In this brew guide, we'll show you how to extract the best flavors out of these beautiful coffees!  Please allow the coffees to rest for at least 7 days before consuming, as freshly coffees need time for its flavors to develop. 

Pour Over:

Recipe Dose: 15 g of coffee
Brew Water: 270 g of water heated to 96 degrees Celcius 
Grind size: 30-35 clicks on a Comandante Griner or approx. 1100 micros on other grinders

3 Pours 
First Pour/ Bloom: 45 g
Pause 45 seconds
Second Pour: 100 g 
Pause till all the water is drawn 
Last Pour: 125 g 


Coffee Peaks at 28 Days after roasting 
Freeze before 20th day ( optional)
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