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Candied Apples Brew Guide

Hey, Coffee Friends! Thank you for purchasing Candied Apples Coffee. To best enjoy this coffee, we have prepared a brew guide for you to extract only the best flavors into your cup. 

For Pour Over:

20g ground coffee in
320g water out (3:20)
97°C Water temperature
36 Clicks on the Comandante Grinder (medium grind ) 
First Pour (Bloom) 
Pause for 45 sec 
Second pour 
Pause for 20 Sec
Last pour 
Total brew time 3:30 - 4 min 

For Cold Brew:
20g ground coffee (medium fine)
20-30 clicks on Comandante
170g of Ice
130g 96°C Water

V60 Pour Over Method:
Rinse filter place
20g of ground coffee on the filter
Place 170g of ice in a cup of decanter

First pour 60g
Pause for 45 seconds
Second Pour 40g 
Last Pour 30g

Total Brew Time: 2:30 seconds


For Espresso:
20g ground coffee in
43g out
18 to 20 seconds


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