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Clever Dripper - Yolk Yellow (300ml)

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The Clever is both easy-to-use and to clean.

A fool-proof and full-immersion method of brewing coffee, this little gem is as familiar as a drip machine and is as simple to use as a French press.

The resulting coffee retains much of the delicious body of a French press, but does away with the sediment. The steep-and-release mechanism means that you can accurately control the brewing, and extract the coffee directly into your mug with no mess. And at this price, it's about one of the best value brewers you can find.

Volume: Small (300 ml)


• Dripper body: Eastman Tritan TM

• Patented water control ball, silicon ring: Silicon Rubber

• Cover lid, patented release ring, coaster: Acrylonitrile Styrene

• Filter paper: Natural Fibers

Max heat resistance:100°C

Country of origin: Dripper - Taiwan; Filter papers - Japan 

*Includes a pack of 100 pcs paper filter.