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COMANDANTE Felt Sleeve- Cherry

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We take care of the things we love!!

That’s why we looked for only the best material to make the new Felt Sleeve for the Comandante C40 grinder. Whether you´re a home barista or a coffee professional, the MAX Brush is the perfect brush for a tidy work surface.

Wool felt was a popular choice because of its excellent characteristics
·  elastic and breathable
·  UV-resistant
·  wear-resistant and shape-holding
·  temperature insulation
·  temperature resistant from approx. -40°C – +110°C
·  dirt-repellent
·  wrinkle-resistant

Care Instructions: 

  • Your Felt Sleeve is a natural and high-quality product made using 100% premium merino lambswool. The lanolin naturally present in the wool and the density of the material make it resistant to dirt.
  • In the event your Felt Sleeve does get dirty, simply clean it with a damp cloth or brush clean using a soft brush.
  • For more stubborn stains, use a little bit of wool detergent or wool shampoo.
  • After washing your Sleeve, re-shape it, lay it flat on a towel, and allow to dry at room temperature. If necessary, steam lightly.
  • Wool needs time to dry.