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Global Coffee School x Halfroom Cafe: Combo Techno Barista L1 and L2

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The Global Coffee School (GCS) Techno Baristas program is one of the most progressive skills development certifications. Internationally recognized and conducted in over 45 countries such as Korea, Vietnam, Honduras, USA, Thailand, and Russia, the programs are rooted in the integration of sensory analysis via visualization, introspection, experiential activities, and active communication techniques.

Techno Barista Level 1         
An Introductory course that trains baristas based on science and proper coffee extraction techniques in accordance with GCS standards which focuses on flavor + aroma evaluation. GCS ensures that baristas gain the necessary skills to communicate coffee's beautiful nuances to customers. 

Coffee has over 5000+ volatile aromas, and it is invaluable to a professional's journey to get familiarized with how to identify and communicate what we taste in coffee. 

Techno Barista Level 2                                                                                                               

It is a course to acquire the qualities of a more professional techno barista skill. By the end of the course, you will be able to express coffee flavors in detail.

You will learn more specifically about the principles of extraction and Global Coffee Standard milk steaming and latte evaluation criteria.

Furthermore, they can make an espresso variation menu under the systemized regulations with expressing taste and flavor.  

You will develop the ability to communicate and calibrate with the instructor.

1. introduction to coffee processing

2. Express coffee flavors with the use of classifying log 

3. Espresso espresso standard: espresso brew ratio, TDS, yield, dose, grind, channeling 

4. Espresso variation, verification of barista skill, consistency 

5. Correlation of extraction changes according to the different dosing amounts, extraction section, grind sizes, 

6. Americano making based on the different TDS and flavor analysis

7. Advanced milk steaming and handling based on GCS Standard

8. Latte art evaluation with GCS standard

This is a 3 x 6hr certificate course with written and practical exam.                                                                                           

The course will be taught by:


Michael Harris Conlin, GCS Country Manager

2019 Philippine National Barista Champion

2019 WBC semi-finalist

Licensed Q- Arabica Grader

Founder and CEO Conlins Group of Companies

President and CEO Henry and Sons Group of Companies