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Hario Café Press Slim S

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Cafe Press Slim S / Transparent Black Extract the coffee with a simple press.
Place coarse ground coffee into the press, and add boiling water. Place the plunger and allow the coffee to brew. The longer the extraction time, the richer the taste will be. Press the top down slowly, pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy.

Nobody really enjoys a cup of coffee that is full of coffee grounds that much. And Hario Cafe Press allows you to change all of that. Add around 15g of coffee for 240ml of water. Simply insert the coffee, leave for around four minutes then smoothly press and extract all the goodness and flavor from the grounds, leave the annoying unnecessary coffee grounds out! Enjoy clean and full of flavor coffee.    

  • Capacity of 240 ml 1 - 2 Cups
  • Stainless steel, heat resistant glass
  • Makes clean coffee
  • Polypropylene lid
  • Made in Japan