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Proud Liberica Coffee Syrup

Original price ₱1,700.00 - Original price ₱1,800.00
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₱1,700.00 - ₱1,800.00
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Utilizing the coffee trees' by-products to make a completely new coffee experience made with transparency.

In order to keep the coffee tree healthy, the pruning process is essential. By utilizing waste materials such as leaves, branches, petals, and cascara produced in the process, we have developed "PROUD LIBERICA COFFEE SYRUP" to realize a new coffee experience that contributes to solving the problem of poverty.


These syrups are made from natural ingredients and are the perfect ingredient for making unique cocktails and mocktails. You can now make a cascara soda by adding 20ml of Proud liberica cascara syrup to 100ml of soda water or brew up virgin Irish coffee by adding a shot of Proud Liberica Syrup to your Flat white or latte. 

Proud Liberica is proudly developed and made in the Philippines in collaboration with 2014 World Barista Champion Hidenori Izaki. 

50 Pesos per bottle sold will be donated to the Liberica Farmers of Santa Maira Lagun to help improve the quality of Liberica coffee. 

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