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Techno Barista L1: Module 1 Espresso Basics

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Techno Barista L1: Module 1 Espresso Basics
This 5-hour course is a prerequisite for TBL1 Module 2, Module 3. 

Module 1: Espresso Basics 

Part 1: Introduction to Espresso  
  • Brief History and Importance
  • What is Espresso?
  • Espresso vs. Other Coffee Types 

Part 2: The Espresso Machine 
  • Parts and Functionality 
  • Cleaning and Maintenance 

Part 3: Coffee Beans and Grinding 
  • Types of Coffee Beans
  • The Grinding Process
  • Adjusting the Grinder 

Part 4: Technical Aspects of Espresso Making 
  • Dosing
  • Temperature
  • Pressure 

Part 5: Brew Time and weight 
  • Importance of Brew time
  • Measuring Weight 

Part 6: Practical Exercises
  • Pulling Your First Shot
  • Troubleshooting
  • Perfecting Technique 

Part 7: Q&A and Wrap-up 
  • Open for Questions
  • Summary and Next Steps 

    Techno Barista L1 certification requires students to complete Modules 1, 2, and 3.

    The Global Coffee School (GCS) Techno Baristas program is one of the most advanced skills development certifications. Internationally recognized and conducted in over 45 countries, such as Korea, Vietnam, Honduras, the USA, Thailand, and Russia, the programs are rooted in the integration of sensory analysis via visualization, introspection, experiential activities, and active communication techniques. 


    The course will be taught by:

    Lyca Que, Lead Instructor GCS Philippines

    More than 10 years of experience in the coffee Industry

    Licensed Q- Arabica Grader

    Licensed Food Technologist

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