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The Coffee Man Book (Story of 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic)

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With his unwavering quest for the perfect cup, 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic pushed the boundaries of coffee processing to elevate the quality of coffees being served around the world. From freshly harvested cherries, his innovation made it possible for farmers to enhance the flavor profile of their coffees and improve their lives.

Written by Sasa Sestic, star of ‘The Coffee Man’ film, this book contains stories of Sasa’s sporting career, migration to Australia, start in coffee and the path that led him to win the World Barista Championship. It also contains many stories from Sasa’s travels around the world, meeting coffee producers and experimenting with new ways to grow and produce coffee.

To let you experience his incredible and flavorful journey in a cup, read 'The Coffee Man' with the Jasper Coffee, Through carbonic maceration (CM) process, coffee beans dawned from Masina Village in the Guji Region of Ethiopia was made extraordinary. Named after the category of the coffees processed under CM, Jasper coffee features deep fruit qualities with medium level intensity. Expect to taste its papaya, chocolate and winey notes, with medium body and acidity.

P100 from the proceeds of The Coffee Man: Journal of a World Barista Champion goes to helping coffee producers in Benguet, their families and communities.